Stencil Printing


Pochoir is a French term for stencil and refers to a stencil-based process of printmaking, in which a work is hand coloured through a stencil. The stencil itself is usually hand cut from thin coated paper, paperboard, plastic, or metal, and if desired layered on top of each other in order to create compositions that vary in complexity. Once cut, the stencils are laid out onto a sheet of paper or canvas, and then using various brush types, single or multiple pigments are applied over them to create a build-up of layers and texture. This technique is often called hand colouring.


Screen printing is a method of stencil printing, using a screen made from a fine mesh fabric stretched tightly across a frame. The non-printing areas on the fabric are blocked out by a stencil and ink or paint is forced through the areas of open fabric with a rubber blade (a squeegee) onto the paper creating the printed image. The terms ‘serigraph’ or ‘silkscreen’ (silk was originally used in the process) are also commonly used to describe the technique.