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Who We Are

After multiple requests from friends and family to help them source artworks for their homes, we decided to create a curated and easily accessible space in which they could shop. Welcome to Art School.

Art School is a place where you can not only purchase affordable artworks but understand how they were made. At Art School you will learn about the rich history of printmaking and its varied range of techniques. It is a place where you will discover a diverse portfolio of artists, their printing processes, and learn about the effort and skill that goes into creating these artworks.

All the artworks for sale at Art School are made using traditional printing techniques and are created specifically for us in a limited edition. Every piece is individually hand signed and numbered by the artist. Once an edition has sold out, no further copies will be made, meaning you can own something truly special.

Art Lessons

What is a print?

A short introduction to the history of printmaking

How are Prints Made?

Learn about the varied techniques that make your prints

Who makes prints?

Meet the members of Art School