Ines Fernandez de Cordova

Ines Fernandez de Cordova is a Bolivian-Slovenian artist, currently living and working in London. She is interested in the relationship between objects and time and the manner in which we perceive the two. Fernandez uses her sculptures as tools to create still-lives, constructing subtle narratives through the use of sequence, mark making, layering and mirroring. Her work is cyclical in the sense that it continuously loops from 2D into 3D. By creating uncanny scenes with her sculptures, she aims to invite the viewer to analyse the relationships between them.

Printmaking plays a fundamental role in her practice and through the use of photography the artist has managed to cohesively merge her primary interests in sculpture and printmaking. Fernandez believes photopolymer plate printing successfully combines the contemporary element of photography but keeps the richness and traditional feel and intensity of colour that comes with intaglio technique, which is essential to her works. This technique allows her to play with the use of light and dark through its great range of tonality.

Fernandez completed her Masters in Printmaking in 2017 at Camberwell College of Arts and has since worked as a printer for Jealous Print Studios and artist Anita Klein alongside focusing on her own practice. She recently had her first solo exhibition at Jealous Gallery, 2023.

Photo credit: Ocki Magill