Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Whether they are minimalists or maximalists, into figuration or abstraction, at Art School we have something for everyone and for every budget.
For the Young at Heart

Award-winning artist Alice Irwin’s work is all about play. Brightly coloured and abstract, these one-of-a-kind screenprints are built up in layers and no two in the Sweet Times series are the same. Each print looks at the sweet times we have in life, focusing on positive things we have day to day. Something we definitely need reminding of at the moment.
Like Alice, David Horgan’s work is all about humour. Taking inspiration from an amalgamation of everyday life and experience, intermingled with popular culture and iconography, David’s work aims to convey a narrative through a colourful, bold style. Gold Lion is an impressive 8-layer screenprint that was approached spontaneously by the artist. The composition and colour palate were entirely unplanned and built organically with each layer based on the one that came before. The joyful imagery that emerged would make a perfect addition to a kid’s room or anyone who wants a little fun in their life.
Buy Alice's work here.
Buy David's work here.
For Those in Need of a Break
Harry Cartwright’s Laying In the Palms can’t help make you think of the California sunshine, a place of great significance both to his life and artistic practice. For those who need to sate their wanderlust, this screenprint can bring warmth into your home all year around. But hurry, these works are selling hotter than the sun.
Sophie Goudman-Peachey’s monochromatic woodcut Like Never Before shows a woman alone and relaxed in her bedroom, reconstructing the existing narratives surrounding women in society and allows them a space for them to be whatever they want to be. This work is the perfect statement piece for any wall and a reminder to always take some time for ourselves.
Buy Harry's work here.
Buy Sophie's work here.
For the Minimalists 
Glasgow based artist Richard Marsden’s work may look simple, but it is anything but. Semblance is the result of many developmental drawings to create a perfectly balanced formalist composition with subtle layers of overlapping colour. This work is perfect for any fans of architecture or any paired back, elegant interiors.
Buy Richard's work here. 
For the Colour Lovers
Neill Clements and Katy Binks are two artists who are working in very different ways to create bright and bold works that would add cheer and colour to any wall.
Neill Clements’s Untitled (Totem) is focused on exploring the qualities and strengths of woodcut as a medium. He has created a very tactile work that explores rich colours, form and surface.
Katy Bink’s experimental monoprints explore the relationship between colour, shape, volume and proportion in a very loose style, akin more to painting than printmaking. Each work that Katy has created for Art School is completely unique but there is an aesthetic thread that links them together, making them perfect as an individual gift or purchased in pairs.
Buy Neill's work here.
Buy Katy's work here.

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