Art and Wine Pairings with Gus Gluck

When illustrator Laura Lantieri (@lauralantieri.illustration) contacted me about an anniversary present for her wine distributor husband Gus Gluck (@gusgluck) one half of GB Wine Shippers, we knew we had just the thing: Ellie Edward’s ‘Spaghetti and Vin Rouge.’ This delicious linoprint is the ultimate gift for the wine connoisseur, foodie or any person in your life who just wants to brighten up their kitchen.   

We were lucky enough to sit down with Gus to talk more about the crossover of wine, food and art and he has paired three of his favourite wines that perfectly compliment three of our artworks.  
Randomly Giant, 2021 by Yoonjung Shim paired with Lumière, 2018
Yoonjung has created a work that may be geometric but exudes so much warmth. When looking at it, I feel drinking something you want to smell endlessly, something to draw you out and then back in, something cerebral and impressive. Enter Muchada-Leclapart, an architectectural student who decided on building structure into wine, rather into…err…structures. His Lumière is full of intrigue and spectacle, but in subtle and nuanced ways. Aromas of jasmine, incense and apricot but with a palate full of warm texture. A wine that is truly ‘long’, each sip lasting till the next.
Buy Randomly Giant here.
Buy Lumière here.
Red Bikini, 2021 by Daisy Jarrett paired with Divay Rouge, 2020
Daisy's work is truly contemporary, with discussions around the impact of social media on ourselves. Aesthetically, the work has so much movement and fluidity. It matches well with Leah Angles' Divay, a wine from the warmest past of France, that is full of energy and bazaar fragrances. The texture is itself fluid and brings grins and joy. The label itself is very aesthetic, designed to be seen and desired and thankfully the wine behind it has the substance to back it up.
Buy Red Bikini here.
Buy Divay Rouge here.
Spaghetti and Vin Rouge, 2021 by Ellie Edwards paired with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2020
What else to say. Looking at this invites me to crack open a bottle of Italian wine, cook up some sugo and throw it on some carbohydrate. Italian wine, in essence, is full of tannin, acid and fruit, full of flavour and full of life. One sip and you want another. So why not a wine that embodies that spirit. Montepulciano from Giuliana Vicini is full of sass, ripe fruit, but a tasty tang. In essence a glass shaped Portkey (for you Harry Potter fans) that takes you to a table clothed hardwood table dressed with grissini, bigoli in salsa & a goblet filled to the brim with wine.
Buy Spaghetti and Vin Rouge here.
Buy Montepulciano d’Abruzzo here.
Founded in 2020 by Gus Gluck and Richard Bray, GB Wine Shippers are devoted to sourcing remarkable wine from around the world. Wine made by people who care for their vines with a view to the planet as a whole, and with an understanding of our place in it. Find out more here.

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